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You’re On Display!

There is an attitude that I’m sure each of you is familiar with. You may even be the proud owner of it sometimes. This attitude is a feeling of not caring what anyone else in the world thinks about you.

To be honest that’s an attitude I need to have every day. Otherwise I might not feel that I’m “cool” enough because instead of going to clubs or some fancy place at night I’m usually sitting somewhere writing a rhyme. And often I’m writing religious rhymes for kids which is definitely not something most “cool” people would readily admit to.

But I figure as long as I can look God in the face then I don’t care what anyone else says or thinks about me. If I can look Him straight in the eyes, that’d be cool enough for me.

And if I lived in a bubble, alone somewhere, then it wouldn’t matter what anyone else thought of me. Yet a benefit and a detriment of living in a world such as ours is that everything we do, no matter how small, has an impact on others.

Even a two second glance can make a difference in another person’s day. If I’m in my car stopped at a red light and frustrated because something in my life has gone awry, and I glance over with an angry expression at the person stopped next to me then I very well may have given them some kind of bad feelings without giving it a second thought.

But I’m giving it thought right now because every place I venture I want to bring with me an aura of sunshine. I want to display all of the best traits I can possibly muster. Not just for my own sake of being a happy man but to hopefully inspire or incite others to do the same. And with that I’m hoping for some kind of domino effect with people across the globe reaching inside themselves to pull out their best.

Now some people may think this could mean I put on an act by pretending like I never have a bad day. But here’s the truth of it; I’ll let you in on a little secret…

I’ve been grumpy before. I even thought I was going to have a bad day before. And to be perfectly honest years ago I did have a bad day, possibly even two. But it’s been a long time since that happened.

What’s been my cure? Faith.

I’m not saying I’m Superman or that I have a permanent shield against difficulty in my life. But if I allowed the Lord control of my spirit one-hundred percent of the time then my shield would be permanent.

Again, I haven’t had a bad day in a long, long time; but I have had a rough five or ten minutes. And as far as I’m concerned five minutes is way too long to wallow in misery or negativity of any form.

If we ask for God’s strength and assistance then we can control our thoughts. And if we use this control then we can push away any type of deleterious thoughts (whether impure or angry or jealous, etc…) that could’ve ever slipped into our brains. And if we push away all of these negative thoughts then what do we have left?

Happiness and hope, confidence and peace…

It’s easy to see people who’ve reached that level in life. They don’t walk around holding neon signs or basketball-size magnets yet others are still drawn to them. Instead of neon signs their happiness flashes incessantly. And their hope breathes life into the most worn out of souls.

These people are displaying the best they have to offer. And the best they have to offer seems so wonderful because it is simply a reflection of God.

People are simple creatures too. Often we see things that look good and become inspired to follow suit in our own fashion. How you display yourself to the world could be the inspiration someone else has been looking for their whole life. And that’s why we have to care what other people think about us or how they view us.

Our actions are not solely our actions. Whether we like it or not, whether we chose it or not, we are part of something much bigger than any one of us. Our actions, our “displays” can have exponential effects on countless people in positive or negative ways.

Now whether we want to have a positive or negative impact on the world is something we are able to choose. And it’s something only we can choose. But if we don’t choose to bring the world something positive every day then instead, by default, we will be choosing to bring something negative.

kenneth w.

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