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Writers in the Classroom: Academy of the Sacred Heart

Writers can’t just write; they have to read too.

I’m about to pack up my Wacom tablet because for my Friday morning I’ll be taking a trip to the Academy of the Sacred Heart, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. At the school, not only will I be reading the kids some of my books, and showing them some of my pictures, but I’ll actually show them how illustrations and books are created from scratch.

Writers in the Classroom: Part 1

The last time I went to Sacred Heart I took my tablet as well. The children loved seeing pictures that were still in the illustration program. They could see how the illustrations are developed in layers. One minute a book character is standing there in whole, and one click later he’s missing an arm, or sword, or maybe some armor appears.

Pretty much whatever the kids want to see happen to the picture that I open up, they get to see. Last time they had me drawing a pair of sunglasses for a leopard in one of my online Bible stories, BibleRhymes’ Creation.

Got What I Wanted!

I didn’t realize as a kid that a phrase from the card-game “Go Fish” was going to be applying to my career choice and life as a whole. “Got what I wanted!”

When I’m sitting with a classroom full of kids, showing them the tricks I’ve learned of my trade, and supporting the faith their parents and teachers are trying to instill in them, then I got what I wanted. The curiosity and energy in the room is invigorating. And I’m thankful.

Now I need to get this tablet packed up so I can catch a few hours of sleep so I’ll be prepared.

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