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Why Nobody Likes Me

Over the last few days I’ve been experimenting with different social sharing plugins to use on BibleRhymes. These plugins are so readers can “like” or “share” different pages or posts on the website.

Tonight my experiment took a wrong turn… pretty much every “like” that was previously on BibleRhymes is gone. Somehow ninety percent of the previously compiled social stats have evaporated; only a few of them remained. Now basically nobody likes me. There goes my ego.

How did this happen? If only I knew…

But after a workout, a good meal, and some rest, I guarantee I’ll find an answer. And if the BibleRhymes social stats have somehow been reset and there is no getting our “likes” back, I’ll guarantee something else too. I’ll guarantee that BibleRhymes is on the way with our online Bible stories and “social” stats won’t ever properly represent that anyway.

If you like what we’re doing, spread the word, “like” us, and tell your children’s pastor about us!

My view on social sharing… though it seems to be necessary in this web world of ours, if any, BibleRhymes will keep the options to a minimum. Each sharing option on the website slows the website down.

I want to deliver everything on the website to viewers as quickly as possible. That’s one (among many) of the reasons that BibleRhymes doesn’t sell advertising space on its website. And that’s why social sharing here will likely, at the most, have a couple options. But we do appreciate all the word of mouth we can get!

To show how serious I am about speed, below is a picture of a page speed test for the page that BibleRhymes’ Devil, Get Out! is offered on.

BibleRhymes' Devil, Get Out! - Page Speed Test

PS – If you’ve forgotten; get that workout, good meal and rest that you need to perform your best!

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