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Why Aren’t My Prayers Being Answered?

It seems sensible enough for people to sometimes wonder why their prayers aren’t being answered. I mean really, why can’t we all just get what we want out of life?

Well there’s a simple answer to that. Are you ready?

People worldwide play sports. Coaches worldwide try to figure out what the other team is doing and they attempt to counteract that with certain plays and players. And many players worldwide feel like their skills are being underutilized.

They ask the coaches, “Why aren’t I getting more playing time? Why do I have to stand at the sidelines??”

While the coaches are trying to look at the big picture in a game or a season, many players just want to be out playing without truly understanding the implications of who plays when. Players often don’t know who teams are trying to trade for or many of the things that go on in other areas of their organizations. They don’t need to. All the players need to do is put themselves in the best position to be able to produce effectively when their coach calls their name.

Why aren’t the players’ prayers being answered? Why aren’t they getting more minutes? Maybe they’re praying for the wrong things. Maybe they should be praying for their team to get more wins instead of praying for more minutes on the court or field.

It’s sometimes hard to remove concentration from our own needs and think about what’s best for the team as a whole. Not just the sports team, but our communities and countries and the world (or even the universe).

We only have our minuscule perspective and it can easily cloud judgment.

So when someone says their prayers aren’t being answered that’s perfectly understandable to me. I assume if they were looking from God’s perspective things would be completely clear to them.

So many of the needs we could have here on this earth, and the pains we feel because these needs are not seemingly being met, are self-driven needs and pains.

What do we need on this earth? We need good meals, safe places to sleep and a desire and will to love God and other people. What do some people want on this earth? Jet-skis, boyfriends, girlfriends, diamond rings and vacation homes.

If we quit being wrapped up in our earthly needs and start thinking about our spiritual needs then we’ll get much more of what we desire. If you’ve developed your relationship with the Lord then you won’t care if you have a mansion or a little home. If you realize that God has your best interests in mind and a beautiful eternity waiting for you, then loneliness would never get you down.

The Lord is my Shepherd. I shall not want.

Let your faith shine through. True faith…

The kind of faith that reassures you every day that good things are coming.

If you open up to the Lord and continuously ask Him to strengthen your faith, your prayers may start to change a little bit. And your prayers may start being answered a lot more often!
All my thoughts,

kenneth w.

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