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The Lord: Simply Mysterious, or Mysteriously Simple?

God. Some people get Him and some people don’t. Some people haven’t even spent five minutes of their free-thinking time trying to get to know Him while others have dedicated their entire lives in this pursuit.

Some people have looked to science for a way to disprove the Higher Power called God. Others who devoted much of their lives to scientific pursuits (such as Alfred Einstein) have had a sincere belief in God.

Some people were never introduced to the Lord properly. Some people were introduced in a way that caused them to turn away from the Lord and any type of religion, organized or not. Fortunately others were able to get the introduction they needed at the point in their lives that they needed that throughout the world the Lord is a well-known if not well-understood Being.

And though the Lord is well-known, oftentimes He isn’t well-understood.

Some people refer to Him as simply mysterious. I refer to Him as mysteriously simple.

Children are the most precious things in this world. Their innocence, a gift from God, if not tarnished by people is a thing of beauty. Their smiles reflect true happiness and love they’ve been blessed with by the Lord. Anything that pulls them away from this innocence whether it’s a TV show or a nearby adult with a foul mouth is truly an abomination.

Yes, I know that sounds harsh. Yes, I realize adults may bang their fingers with hammers sometimes and slip. And yes, I know TV doesn’t really have any programming that’s suitable for children. The bottom line is to keep it clean around the kids and don’t create a world that forces them to adapt to perversion.

These little sponges we call children mimic behaviors and their innocent minds can be polluted in only a moment. It is because of this that children in a healthy environment should have exposure to the Lord from the days in the womb until the days that they wander off to discover the world.

Just like learning to speak a language at an early age, building a relationship with the Lord at an early age enables that relationship to become second nature. With some people, everything they do comes with the thought of the spiritual implications of their actions or a quick conversation with God. Then it becomes natural for them to “do the right thing” spiritually.

But in case a person didn’t get a childhood introduction to God they don’t have to fear. You most certainly can teach an old dog new tricks. It’s never too late to build a relationship with the Lord and it’s surprisingly, if not mysteriously simple.

Everything about the Lord is simple. And that’s why even humans can understand a Being powerful enough to create a universe which is large enough to hold a myriad of bodies with even much more mass than this planet that we call earth.

Are you curious about the Lord’s eye-color or waist size? If those are the questions you’re wondering you’re probably headed in the wrong theological direction. Do you want to know how to get ahold of Him or start a conversation with Him? Just close your eyes and invite Him into your life…

The Lord is simple if you simplify your relationship with Him. Your purpose on earth is not to understand all things on earth or even very many of them. Your purpose on earth is to prepare yourself for the next life. Concentrate on yourself, what’s within your grasp of knowledge and what’s within your control.

By inviting God into your life and concentrating on yourself you can undergo a transformation from an innocent, yet self-serving baby to a tempted, yet selfless grown-up. Kindly enough the Lord gave us the game plan for this and presented it in a very easy-to-comprehend manner. It’s as simple as this…

Treat other people just as well as you would want to be treated. Think about their happiness while you are making decisions so you don’t negatively affect anyone else in any way with what you do.

If people learn that God has all the strength they need to accomplish all of the goals they’ve been given (not necessarily their own goals but the ones the Lord has given them) and also learn to treat other people in the highest regard, then they’ve learned all they need to in order to traverse this life successfully.

Of course even the most God-minded individuals will have slip-ups. People aren’t perfect and temptations are great. Temptations are also often found wearing the most fabulous camouflages. But the Lord is understanding and the road to redemption, like everything else about God, is simple to follow.

Once again just close your eyes and invite the Lord into your life. Admit your faults and your weaknesses and ask for the strength to overcome them. If you are willing to keep going through your lifelong battles with temptations, the Lord is willing to keep helping you back up and opening His arms in the hopes that you’ll run right into them and give Him a hug.

He won’t give you an overwhelming pull and force you to hug Him. But He’s always waiting to give you a squeeze as soon as you’ll allow Him to. He doesn’t want to let go of you either; but He won’t make you stay with Him.

Loving the Lord and being with Him is a simple but daily choice we have to make. The moment we dwell in ANYTHING perverse we are making a choice to push the Lord and any good spirits away from us. Even doing something as seemingly benign as telling a dirty joke allows bad spirits to come close to us while we push the good ones away. So by doing anything like this we are inviting temptation into our lives and making it more difficult for ourselves to live a care-free, happy life.

Everything from our first breaths to our last connects our souls’ journey on this earth. It may seem too detail oriented to say we can’t even get away with telling a dirty joke or two and still end up happy. You can get away with things and still end up happy. The Lord is always ready to receive a heart that sincerely loves Him. I had just been explaining the simple way to live happily and develop a relationship with God.

But once again it’s not always good to try to understand things you can’t; people can literally go crazy from this. And many things about God a human mind can’t even begin to comprehend. So keep it simple.

Invite God into your life. Love Him. Love other people (all of whom are His children) as much as yourself.

If you do these things then you’ve done your job and will most-certainly have assured the happiness of many others along the way.

Always and with much thought,

kenneth w.

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