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Tears are Drying on My Cheeks

If you remember anything after reading this note, remember this: I love Trinette!!!

Well, the subject of the blog is tears are drying on my cheeks. They’re not. I feel like my face is in the middle of a river.

Trinette has been my dad’s assistant since I was wearing diapers. She’s part of my family and means more than the world to me. She’s helped keep my dad’s feet on the ground about his whole adult life. If you knew my father, you’d know Trinette deserves shelf after shelf full of platinum trophies for doing her part in keeping him in line. Don’t get me wrong, my fathers a great guy, but he’s bull-headed with Irish blood.

And Trinette has been an angel on earth watching over him and the rest of my family. Sadly for so many people, soon Trinette will be an angel in the next world. Everyone that knows her, loves her. My heart’s breaking for her, and all that care for her, as she’s dealing with the end of a sickness.

Her husband is like a big brother to me. I was doing everything I could to hold in tears while I was on the phone with him two days ago. He sounded okay. I told him he’s a much stronger man than myself. He told me he’s worn out.

Please send him your prayers. His name is Michael. He’s a guy you’d love to be around. And now he’s losing his sweetheart.

Lots of prayers are needed. Please keep them coming.


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