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Silas In Prison (with rats)

When Silas went to prison along side of Apostle Paul he displayed endurance and faith.

I would suspect anyone that gets locked up would need endurance and faith. Prison isn’t intended to be a comfortable place to stay. In my mind, the less comfortable a prison is, the fewer people would allow themselves to be put in a position that could end in them going there. Although that simplistic, concise statement doesn’t cover many issues involved with the “justice” system. And many a book have been written about those issues.

Rats in Prison

When I illustrated the picture of Silas jailed, I didn’t give him too many comforts to work with. Though I did give him some rats to keep him company.

Today I’m working on a new page for one of the BibleRhymes rhyming Bible stories for kids, “Paul and Silas”. I’m not getting rid of any of the previous pictures in the book, just adding some more. Other pictures that I’ve posted for this Bible story so far can be found in the picture gallery.

Now back to the drawing board…

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