BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark – Hardcover Book


“BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark” is the second book in the BibleRhymes series, bringing with it a combination of adventure and moral direction. This retelling of a Bible story allows children to step into Noah’s shoes and understand the sacrifices he made and the challenges that he and his family faced as they attempted to carry out the Lord’s will.

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Book Information: Noah and the Ark

  • 28 full page illustrations
  • Pages are 8.5 x 11 inches.
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  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9790605-1-9
  • Illustrated by Antonella Chirco
  • Written by Ken McCardell

Book Reviews

Just a note to say thank you to you and your team for creating yet another beautiful children’s book in Noah. It’s really wonderful, from Antonella’s sweet illustrations to your fantastic rhyming verses. I love the slightly glossy pages which adds to the whole sense of quality and enjoyment when reading.

You did an amazing job and I can’t wait to “road-test” Noah at my next Children’s talk at our Church. The concept of the Scriptures being presented in rhyming form is a wonderful way to assist young children to be able to absorb and recall Biblical truth. Both Creation and Noah are great resources for Children’s Ministry.

May God bless the continued production and availability of this series of books and bless the hearts of each little one to whom they are read.

In Christ,

Jacqui S, Pastoral Team
Donvale Church, Victoria, Australia

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The Plot

The world had come upon dark times, and the Lord wasn’t happy with what He saw.

Was there a hero in the midst of an evil world? With doom on the way, the Lord tasked Noah with fulfilling that role.

But could Noah provide leadership in the face of a disastrous flood? The future of humanity and the animal kingdom depended on him.

The Bible Rhymes: Samples

  • “Ages ago, people were bad.
    The Lord, looking down, began to feel sad.
    Try as some had to do what they should,
    Too many didn’t know how to be good.”
  • “The spark that I needed, you’ve walked in My ways.
    You’re the colorful spot outshining the grays.
    For forty whole days and forty whole nights,
    Floods will submerge all that’s in sight.”
  • “Laughing so hard, he went to lie down.
    Then came an ear-splitting, thundering sound.
    Pounding rain fell, lighting was flashing.
    Rivers were rushing with white-water splashing.”

Bible Verses

The “Noah and the Ark” Bible story can be found in the Old Testament book of Genesis 5:32 – 9:17.

Good Times get Remembered!

People remember good times. BibleRhymes is designed so people of all ages can have fun learning Bible stories and remembering them. What did Noah “paint” on the ark to keep it secure? Who rode on the ark with Noah? All you have to do is open the book, start smiling at the pictures, then pretty soon you’ll be rhyming about the whole adventure story!


The artwork for this story was originally developed by Antonella Chirco with air-brushing and hand-painting on canvas.

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