Christmas, Creation, and Noah’s Ark – Hardcover Books


BibleRhymes' Christmas Story, Creation, and Noah and the Ark are the three hardcover children's books that are included in this gift pack combo!

Book Information: Hardcover Combo

This gift package has three books: BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story, Creation, and Noah and the Ark.

  • Each book has 28 full page illustrations
  • Pages are 8.5 x 11 inches.
  • Upon book purchase you will receive an order receipt email.
  • Books will ship promptly.
  • Illustrated by Antonella Chirco
  • Written by Ken McCardell

Book Review: From a Pastor

I received my copy of the third book in the BibleRhymes series just a few days ago. Thank you once again for yet another beautiful children’s book. I don’t know how you did it, but the wonderful story of Jesus’ birth is retold in a way that is fresh and completely engaging.

The illustrations are just heart warming and you have captured an accurate biblical portrayal of the birth of Jesus through rhyme, that conveys the truth of the Christmas story. The rhyme retells the story in a way even very little children can grasp, understand and enjoy. I am quite sure children of all ages will be blessed by this book.

I road tested The Christmas Story on a little friend of mine (aged almost 3) and the book held his attention to the very end, this in itself is testimony to how wonderful the book is.

I have recommended this book to one of our Children’s talk co-ordinators for use during our upcoming children’s Christmas program, and believe it to have excellent potential for application use within Sunday school or any children’s ministry.

Thank you for once again producing a beautiful quality children’s book, and expressing the story of the birth of Jesus in such a way that is unique with a totally delightful format.

Many blessings,

Jacqui S
Pastoral Team, Donvale Church
Victoria, Australia

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The Plot: BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story

With tax-season looming, a young couple had more to think about than most. They were preparing for the birth of baby Jesus—the Savior of the world was coming! The news enraged a jealous, hateful king; he wanted to find where the child would be. Would wise men help him?

The Bible Rhymes: Christmas Samples

  • “Then what did God send one fabulous night?
    An angel to Mary with news of delight!
    A marvelous sight: this gift from the Lord.
    The angel told Mary that she was adored.”
  • “Right on arrival they looked all around.
    Mary and Joseph scoured the town.
    But no rooms were found; what would they do?
    The inns were full, and houses were too.”
  • “Then what did they see? The star from before!
    It brightened the pathway to Jesus’ door.
    Pouring their hearts out they knelt down to pray
    And offered Him gifts, a fancy array:”

The Plot: BibleRhymes’ Creation

From what seemed like nothing, God created everything. Through the darkness came the heavens and the earth. The Biblical story of creation shines a light on the power of God. No blade of grass was too small or mountain too big to be shaped into His plan. God thought of turtle shells, zebra stripes, and fish gills. He designed snow, polar bears, and so much more. But before He took a rest, He created people.

The Bible Rhymes: Creation Samples

  • “To brighten the skies, the sun smiles wide
    Sending its rays out on a ride.
    They glide to the earth like eagles that soar.
    The evening and morning were day number four.”
  • “Not stopping at that, more was at hand.
    Next God created a woman and man.
    His plan came together in every which way.
    His grin, almost glaring, beamed like a ray.”
  • “With birds in their nests, puppies and apes,
    Thousand foot mountains, and vineyards of grapes,
    God shaped our world and made it so nice.
    He didn’t have help or any advice.”

The Plot: BibleRhymes’ Noah and the Ark

The world had come upon dark times, and the Lord wasn’t happy with what He saw.

Was there a hero in the midst of an evil world? With doom on the way, the Lord tasked Noah with fulfilling that role.

But could Noah provide leadership in the face of a disastrous flood? The future of humanity and the animal kingdom depended on him.

The Bible Rhymes: Samples

  • “Ages ago, people were bad.
    The Lord, looking down, began to feel sad.
    Try as some had to do what they should,
    Too many didn’t know how to be good.”
  • “The spark that I needed, you’ve walked in My ways.
    You’re the colorful spot outshining the grays.
    For forty whole days and forty whole nights,
    Floods will submerge all that’s in sight.”
  • “Laughing so hard, he went to lie down.
    Then came an ear-splitting, thundering sound.
    Pounding rain fell, lighting was flashing.
    Rivers were rushing with white-water splashing.”

Illustrations: BibleRhymes

The artwork for these stories was originally developed by Antonella Chirco with air-brushing and hand-painting on canvas.


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