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Ken McCardell – Interview with Shelby TV

Nice Place to Interview

In this video I, author and illustrator Ken McCardell, discuss my BibleRhymes series with Shelby TV. This video interview was at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan. The hotel, for years, has kept BibleRhymes books on hand for guests to enjoy. Tip of the hat to the Royal Park!

The interview was in their “library” where I’ve spent plenty of time with a cup of espresso, lounging on a couch in front of a fireplace, while developing BibleRhymes.

Royal Park Hotel - Great Place for an Interview
Royal Park Hotel, Rochester, Michigan.
Royal Park Hotel - Suite Photo
Royal Park Hotel – Suite

From the suites to the regular rooms, from the dining experience and tremendous staff, to the Paint Creek River running by an outdoor terrace—the Royal Park really is a nice place to visit or stay. And if you’re in town for Christmas, stop by and take a look at their Gingerbread House Display!

The video below was from a ribbon cutting ceremony for the Gingerbread House. A chef gives an explanation of how much work goes into the process.

Okay, why do I really say so many nice things about the Royal Park? I’ve eaten so many fillets and garlic mashed-potatoes there. They had my heart as soon as they filled my belly.

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