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Reading Night – Warren Woods Christian School

I (author and illustrator Ken McCardell) have visited Warren Woods Christian School a number of times. I’ve been able to share my BibleRhymes series along with some of my other poetry at book readings and career events.

This video is an 18 minute clip. It starts with me reading BibleRhymes’ David and Goliath (a book not yet released). After David and Goliath we got into some questions and answers. Then it was on to some of the poetry that’s had me invited to places like Sheiko Elementary in West Bloomfield, Michigan. (a public school).

Christian School: Good Kids

The kids were surrounding me in the video while I was reading poems off of my laptop. I wanted to share unreleased material with them to give them something most people haven’t been able to see, and so I could absorb their feedback.

Poetry Collection

The picture below is a rough draft for one of the poems for a book I’m working on that’s not Bible related. The book is a collection of poems, or rhymes, that covers subjects from volcanoes to talking bears. The book has rollerblading turtles and zebras that like to go off diving boards. Add to that snakes taking driving lessons and magical pudding. It’s a fun book, and offers me a huge change of pace from my BibleRhymes projects.

Cookie Fever - An illustration for a poem

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