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Tidal Wave of Love – Pursuing Happiness

I’ll start today’s writing with some scripture.

“The kingdom of God cometh not with observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” (KJV Luke 17: 20, 21)

That short quote from Jesus can simplify the pursuit of a peaceful life in a substantial fashion.

Accomplishing things in life happens not by waiting, watching and hoping; rather by doing. This is true whether you’re trying to find God, do well in bowling, grow a quality garden, or whatever the case may be…

On one hand watching is definitely important. Oftentimes observation (with eyes and ears) is a key to learning and gaining insight to knowledge. But on the other hand, being able to watch someone bowl a perfect game is far different from being able to bowl one yourself.

Even if you’re trying to grow a garden, you can take the first step and plant the seeds but if after that all you’re planning on doing is watching then you won’t end up with a very productive garden. You have to weed gardens, trim growth, and bend branches to allow more sun penetration … and on and on.

Such is true in the pursuit of God as well.

Parents can (and should) plant the seeds of spirituality into their children. But if after that the parents just stand back and watch, chances are that not much good will come of it. Children are curious souls and often wander off of the paths that they’ve been set on. Good parents keep their ever-watching and loving eyes focused on their young ones to make sure that they don’t stray too far from the desired pathway.

An undisciplined child is like hair that has never been cut or combed or nails that have never been trimmed or a garden that has never been weeded. There is so much potential but without constant grooming and attention the child will get out of control.

Adults are not much different than children in this regard. Without spiritual maintenance our engines break down and our spirits as well as our lives can become unmanageable and unenjoyable. But getting close to God and having spiritual maintenance performed isn’t a difficult task. You don’t have to call anywhere and try to set up an appointment to fit your schedule. Wherever you are, whatever time it is, you can close your eyes and find God within yourself.

He made you. You’re a breathing piece of Him. You are forever conjoined with Him (if only you allow it). He made you. He loves you. And because of this He also made true happiness and the kingdom of God easily accessible.

If you see someone that is bubbling over with happiness and contentment you need not say, “I want what they have.” Each of us has the ability to be filled with happiness if we open ourselves up to the Lord and invite good spirits to surround us. But inviting the Lord into your daily life is only the second step (recognizing that you need to do this is the first step). If you’ve reached this point though, now it’s time for the “doing.”

You don’t have to look for heaven, it’s within you; and it’s just waiting for you to recognize that. We have to engage heaven. We have to be a part of it. Bystanders just won’t do.

We can make our own portions of this world a heaven on earth. By doing good things and affecting society in a positive way you can not only start feeling but also seeing a glimpse of heaven. Good spirits not only from the other world but also from this one will come to your side (after awhile they won’t even need to be invited because your persona will become magnetizing).

Pretty soon it will feel like a tidal wave is crashing down on you. Except this wave will crash down on you with feelings of love and leave you awash with contentment. This is one wave that you won’t mind drowning under.

Yes, the kingdom of God is within you. And it can be all around you too.

kenneth w.

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