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Practice Makes Perfect – And It Makes You Happy!

Practice makes perfect; this isn’t only true when you’re talking about sports, poetry, or art.

Even when you’re talking about making sacrifices for others, this concept applies. With each time that you go out of your way for someone else, perhaps giving up something you wanted, or wanted to do, that decision gets easier. Before long that decision all but disappears. Putting other people’s interests and happiness before your own soon becomes natural.

Making sacrifices and giving up things for other people may not sound appealing. Who wants to miss out on something they really felt like doing? But here’s the thing… you may be giving up something, but what you get in return is happiness.

This isn’t just a five minute happiness either. This is the type of happiness that will be there any time of day or night, and even in the rain and snow. This is a happiness that envelops your whole being.

This happiness wants to keep growing and growing. The love that’s behind it will have you searching for more ways, to go out of your way for the benefit of others. You’ll make other people happy, which will in turn make you even happier. And then you’ll be off to do it again.

You will be purpose-filled and driven. To me, that’s pretty perfect.

One thought on “Practice Makes Perfect – And It Makes You Happy!

  1. Any idea as to when that happiness is supposed to begin? If what you say is true, then I’ve banked a lot and would love to make a withdrawal soon please. 😉

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