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Poor Widow (story behind a free book)

Free Book – Why it was Made

I was invited to Vacation Bible School this week. The subject of the evening was Creation, and BibleRhymes has a Creation book.

During the evening I met a girl who was volunteering and helping kids play games. She hadn’t heard of BibleRhymes before, but after Bible school she went to check out the BibleRhymes website. She sent me a note that said she loved our free games. But she was sad, because she only was able to read the demo versions of our animated books.

This girl is in junior high, isn’t working at a paying job, and her parents don’t support her pursuit of Christianity. This means, even though the membership cost at BibleRhymes is very low, she still couldn’t afford it.

It broke my heart that parents would actually turn down their children who are wanting to read Bible stories and play games that help them learn about something that actually has meaning and true value.

Now after telling me she couldn’t afford a membership, this girl said BibleRhymes should make a story about the poor widow in the Bible (Mark 12, 42).

In response, the online version of BibleRhymes’ Poor Widow will be (is now) a BibleRhymes gift to the world (free).

If I didn’t need to eat dinner, all I’d produce is free book after book.

And don’t believe the site! An update needs to be made to our “Coming Soon” book list. Four books are in the final production stages (music, narration) not including our Poor Widow; Noah, Creation, Galilee Storm and Paul and Silas.

And the new update added links to some of the above books, which are now available!

Check out the site and join the family!

– ken mccardell

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