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BibleRhymes’ Paul and Silas – Book Cover

This book cover illustration of Apostle Paul behind jail bars is one of the pictures being updated for the BibleRhymes series.

BibleRhymes' Paul and Silas - Bible Story Book Cover Illustration

He’s in Jail!

Paul is in jail with his friend Silas. Using the strength and teachings of Jesus, they cost people money. That was unacceptable.

In all honesty, many of the pictures in book after book keep being updated. And if I were really being truthful, I’d say continuous improvement has led to a constant state of change.

I want to put my best into every picture and every story that I share with the world, all BibleRhymes books included.

Currently the focus is mostly on our Paul and Silas and Poor Widow books, though over the weekend, even BibleRhymes’ Reap What You Sow was being worked on.

Book Update

Online books are available now that include two versions of the BibleRhymes’ Paul and Silas Bible story. You can check out the demos and see what you think. The demos include the most up-to-date cover illustrations.

This story has not yet been released as a BibleRhymes hardcover.

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