BibleRhymes’ Creation

BibleRhymes' Creation - Bible Story Interactive Ebook - Thumbnail
BibleRhymes’ Creation
Interactive PDF Ebook
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BibleRhymes' Creation - Bible Story Ebook - Thumbnail
BibleRhymes’ Creation
PDF Ebook
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The Plot

From what seemed like nothing, God created everything. Through the darkness came the heavens and the earth.

The Biblical story of creation shines a light on the power of God. No blade of grass was too small, or mountain too big, to be shaped into His plan. God thought of turtle shells, zebra stripes, and fish gills. He designed snow, polar bears, and so much more. But before He took a rest, He created people.

The Bible Rhymes: Creation Samples

“For God, nothing’s hard. In a week it was done.
The plan started budding on day number one.
The sky had no sun. Water spread out in spaces.
With nothing aglow, dark covered all places.”

“Then grass came up green and herb growing seeds.
What would be next? Fruits, hanging from trees.
There were herbs to make teas, and apples for pies,
Berries to eat, and berries for dyes.”

“Some laze around all covered in dots.
Others have necks with colorful spots.
Some of them trot. Some scurry like rats.
Some dig, and some climb, some fly like a bat.”

Bible Verses: Creation

The “Creation” Bible story can be found in the Old Testament book of Genesis 1: 1 – 2: 3.

Good Times get Remembered!

People remember good times. BibleRhymes is designed so people of all ages can have fun learning Bible stories and remembering them. What day did God make fruits? What happened on day number six? All you have to do is open the book, start smiling at the pictures, then pretty soon you’ll be rhyming about what happened on every day of creation.

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