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BibleRhymes’ Galilee Storm

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The Plot: Galilee Storm

This New Testament Bible story deals with crowds in awe, spiritual teaching, and terror at sea.

Masses of people wanted to hear what Jesus had to say. They listened and learned. But not everyone truly got a message He had been trying to make clear. Would a miracle would open their eyes?

The Bible Rhymes: Samples

“A seaside had crowds, with no room to spare.
The smell of excitement was thick in the air.
Jesus was there, preaching on shore.
Jesus taught lessons, and crowds wanted more.”

“Later, when all of His teaching was through,
Jesus had something He wanted to do.
With disciples there too, they stayed on the ship.
Then, they cast off for a memorable trip.”

“While He was sleeping a storm filled the sky.
Wind started blowing and blustering by.
Waves splashed high. Disciples got scared.
Someone woke Jesus to see if He cared.”

Bible Verses: Galilee Storm

This Bible story can be found in the New Testament Gospels of Matthew 8: 16-27, Mark 4, and Luke 8: 22-25.

Good Times get Remembered!

People remember good times. BibleRhymes is designed so people of all ages can have fun learning Bible stories and remembering them. What did Jesus do on a boat? Why did disciples get frightened? All you have to do is open the book, start smiling at the pictures, then pretty soon you’ll be rhyming about this eye-opening miracle at sea.