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BibleRhymes' Devil, Get Out! - Bible Story Book
BibleRhymes’ Devil, Get Out!

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The Plot: Devil, Get Out!

This is a story about a miracle of Jesus. He was preaching about the kingdom of God, and He was gaining followers. But He had to fight through evil to spread His message—evil that just wanted to be left alone.

The Bible Rhymes: Samples

“Forgetting the fishing, they knew not to stay.
They followed their hearts and Jesus’ way.
As they all walked, starting their trip,
They came to a spot with men on a ship.”

“The two of them came: one John and one James.
They walked up to Jesus and told Him their names.
In the same breath, without slowing down,
They all went to visit a popular town.”

“He spoke right to Jesus with hate in his tone,
Saying, “I know you. Just leave us alone!
There’s only one thing that you’ve come here to do:
You’re here to destroy us. Admit that it’s true!””

Bible Verses: Devil, Get Out!

This New Testament Bible story can be found in the Gospels of Matthew 4: 18-24, Mark 1: 16-27 and Luke 4: 31-37.

Good Times Get Remembered

People remember good times. BibleRhymes is designed so people of all ages can have fun learning Bible stories and remembering them.

Who was getting famous in this story? All you have to do is open the book, start smiling at the pictures, then pretty soon you’ll be rhyming about Jesus, his followers, and a man filled with evil.