BibleRhymes’ online Bible stories are currently being released in two different PDF versions; “Interactive” ebooks, and “Ebooks.”

Try out a book demo for this series of rhyming children’s books, and read the “instructions” below to see which version works best for you. Many devices will be able to display both versions to the fullest; but not all devices.


  • The ebook labeled “Interactive Ebook” comes with music, action (roll-over surprises), narration, a glossary and clickable buttons. Each two-page spread is 17″ x 11″ on a large enough screen. The illustrations are a little smaller to make room for navigation buttons.
  • The ebook labeled “Ebook” has larger illustrations. Each two-page spread is 17″ x 11″ on a large enough screen.
  • The images in different BibleRhymes ebook versions are unique (in some books more than others) to add another reason to want to view both ebooks.
  • Not all browsers will view the books correctly.


  • Download the ebook to your personal device (verses viewing in a browser) for easier control of what “reader” is used to view the file.
  • Press ctrl+l (Windows) for full screen viewing, and ctrl+l again to escape from full screen viewing.
  • Left and right direction arrows on a keyboard turn book pages forwards and back.


  • Internet Explorer – opens book which functions correctly.
  • Google Chrome – opens book that functions incorrectly. Has option to open with Adobe Reader which allows book to open in browser and function correctly.
  • Firefox – opens book that functions incorrectly. Has option to download, or open the book with Adobe Reader for it to function correctly.

Systems and setups are invariably different. Browsers and devices change rapidly. Your feedback is welcomed.

You may need to download Adobe Flash Player, and Reader to enjoy all of the music, narration and “action” available in BibleRhymes ebooks.

Get Adobe Reader

Get Adobe Flash Player

If you’re interested about privacy, you may want to get to know the terms of every website you visit. BibleRhymes DOES NOT sell user information.

2 thoughts on “Instructions

  1. Thank you for making sure that I was aware of this page Ken! I may have overlooked it had you not let me know! 🙂

    1. Glad I could help! I know for kids, half the fun of the stories is pointing and clicking all over to see what they can make happen, so I wanted to make sure you didn’t miss anything. If you have any questions with books or games feel free to leave a comment.

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