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Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Children's book
Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Galilee Storm - Children's book
Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Poor Widow - Children's book


Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Creation - Children's book

BibleRhymes' Noah and the Ark - Old Testament Children's Bible Story

Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Zacchaeus - Children's book


Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Devil, Get Out! - Children's book

Online Bible Stories: BibleRhymes' Paul and Silas - Children's book


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Online Bible Stories

New Testament Books

  • Christmas Story – Jesus’ birth, with wise men, shepherds, angels, Joseph, Mary and more.
  • Devil, Get Out! – Jesus, disciples and a man possessed are the stars of this story.
  • Galilee Storm – A test of faith for Jesus’ disciples on the Galilee Sea.
  • Paul and Silas – An apostle gets thrown in jail. Does the story have a happy ending?
  • Poor Widow – Story of giving. How much is a lot?
  • Zacchaeus – Story of greed and sharing, rich and poor.

Old Testament Books

  • Creation – In the beginning of the Bible, in Genesis, were the seven days of creation. We bring the story to you in a fresh new way!
  • Noah’s Ark – With a terrible flood on the way, Noah was guided by the Lord on an adventure with his family and an ark full of animals.

Book Demos

If you’re looking for online Bible stories, then you’ve come to the right place. BibleRhymes has stories from the Old and New Testaments. Our Bible story books come in different formats. One may work better with your device. Click here to view book demos.

Book Pictures

To see many of the illustrations from the books that are either released, or soon-to-be released, check out the picture galleries. Many of the pictures in the galleries are rough-drafts, or at least not the final version. The book demos give the best glimpse of the “finished” online Bible stories for kids.

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