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New Books: Bible Story Updates

Technology moves quickly. As soon as BibleRhymes came out with our first ebooks for our online Bible stories, we had to learn new programs in order to be able to produce a new type of interactive online book. Almost as soon as those ebooks were made available to the public, the process repeated itself again.

New Books

That brings us to today. BibleRhymes has made a variety of new online Bible stories available.

And though this post is an announcement of sorts; the new books for this Bible story series for children have not been “officially” released.

Content on virtually every page and post of the site has been getting updated. After a little bit more updating of the content while reviews from pastors are being gathered for the new BibleRhymes books, promotions will begin.

BibleRhymes hasn’t actively promoted a Bible story for kids in a long time. But over ten new ebooks have gotten to the final stages of development. That’s not counting that a number of the ebooks come in two versions (read the “Instructions” page for more information – music, narration, and roll-over action are involved).

Free New Books

Out of the new online Bible stories available now, one of them is a free Bible story. The free Bible story comes in two versions. It’s the story of the “Poor Widow.” This is a New Testament story of Jesus that is also known as the “Widow’s Mite.”

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