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Money Can Buy Happiness

Someone once told me they had a wise saying I should be familiar with. They told me that money can’t buy happiness. I thoroughly disagree.

“Money can’t buy happiness.” Who coined that phrase anyway? And how ill-informed can someone be?

When economies are going well, happiness is for sale in every city. When economies are bad and people are losing jobs, happiness is for sale in almost every neighborhood. Right now happiness is for sale all over the place, and it’s cheap to buy. To be honest, sometimes it doesn’t cost anything except for a few moments of your time.

Now don’t go hopping in your car and heading to Wal-Mart to pick up your happiness. They have plenty of inexpensive goods for sale but happiness isn’t one of them. If you want to find somewhere to buy happiness in your neighborhood probably the best place to start looking is by calling your County Human Services department or something of the sort.

Oftentimes these Human Services departments can tell you what local families need help with electrical bills or with getting clothes for their kids or food for the family. I know times are tight all over the place and people are feeling the pinch of a struggling economy. But if times are tight for you, and you are one of the fortunate people that have a job, think about how things are for the unemployed family up the street.

When economies are struggling, families should be helping family members. Neighbors should be helping neighbors. Uncle Sam may help in an ineffectual way, but it is real people giving of themselves in real ways that will continue to be the life-blood of our society.

It is real people, you and I, who can find extra things we have laying around and take them to the Salvation Army. Or one of us when we’re at the grocery-store can buy a grocery- store gift-card and take it to the Human Services department who can forward it on to a family in need. Real people, you and I, if we’re able to, should be the shoulders other people can lean on.

If I’m wrong, I’ll buy everyone who reads this a dinner. If I’m right, you should go buy someone a dinner … someone who really needs it.

And when you’ve bought that less fortunate family the dinner it was longing for, or the coat it was shivering for, then you’ll see the happiness in their eyes. And you’ll feel it in your soul. For the price of a dinner, happiness is for sale.

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