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Losing Faith

People that you and I know lose faith. What is faith?

Belief in Jesus, belief that God can and will protect you, belief in an eternal ever-after…

Where does this faith come from?

Well, due to the fact that each one of us are little creations of He, or I Am, or whichever nomenclature you prefer; I’d say our faith comes from within and without.

I’d say the Lord can and wants to be in us at all times. If our beings are open to Him, and understanding of what’s going on, faith will shine from us. There will be no doubts, there will be no questions, there will be no wondering if God is really out there. You’ll feel Him so much in there, that you’ll know He’s out there too! And you’ll recognize His handiwork almost everywhere you look.

But what if you don’t feel faith, or God inside of you?

If you want to feel God, you can. Ask and you shall receive. Seek and you shall find. Or to simplify my blathering; if you want to know the Lord, just look for Him and ask Him to come into your life. Easy enough, isn’t it?

You have to pay attention though. The Lord will continuously try to develop a relationship with someone that is willing. But that doesn’t mean He walks up and introduces Himself to you and says, “Hey, I’m God!”

God has lots of tools at His his disposal; and He has lots of people to reach.

He might show His face to you in the form of an author, or poet, or illustrator who’s putting together a series of books (wink, wink). Or He could show up in a myriad of other ways.

Often, you’ll be able to see the Lord in the form of people performing kind actions. If you’re not curious or thoughtful, kind actions might get washed away in your mind just like so many TV shows or corny jokes.

But, you could see a kind action and appreciate it even more than a Kodak moment. This is because you know where the goodness came from that’s behind the kind action. The Lord is our gasoline. He is the goodness that fuels every kind action you’ll ever see, and all of the ones that I’ll see as well.

People need to call spades, spades. Things are black and white. There is good and evil.

The Lord will reach out to you; so will His adversary. Evil thoughts can cloud vision and get people to lose their faith and their confidence of security. Evil is corrupting our world in so many fashions and blinding humanity in so many ways.

What if Jesus was within feet of you, would you lose faith then? His disciples did.

Clouds blinded their faith in a sense as well. While they were on a boat-ride with Jesus, along came the Galilee Storm. And their feeling of security went right overboard. Even when Jesus calmed the storm they wondered, “What kind of man is this?”

With Jesus right in front of them, the disciples lost sight of God. We shouldn’t lose sight, no matter what storms we’re hit with. If we start to lose sight, if we start losing faith, we need to remember to reach out for support. Strength through fellowship and friendship is always right around the corner…

– kw

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