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Little Angels Montessori – Book Reading

I (author and illustrator Ken McCardell) did a book reading of my BibleRhymes series at Little Angels Montessori on a trip through New Jersey and Connecticut.

I had been invited to do an interview in Connecticut for a cable tv show called Ideas at Work and Beyond. Marty Heiser gave the interview. Marty and I also had a phone-in interview.

Little Angels

Following the interview with Marty in Connecticut, I headed over to the Little Angels Montessori to share my books with the kids. The trip may have not had the best planning. Admittedly I was a bit sleepy during the book reading, but the faculty, parents and kids were great to be around.

I was even invited out for a tremendous lunch with one of the mothers and her daughter that had been at the school. It’s funny to me as I watch this video. Near the beginning of the clip there is a girl standing right next to me as a kid is hanging on my back. The girl looks uneasy to be sure. That little angel is the one I went to lunch with. And I consider her mother a friend for life.

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