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Jesus and a Dolphin

I keep my life simple. If I had Jesus and a dolphin (like in a picture of my Galilee Storm Bible rhymes book for kids), that’d be (almost) all I need.

Swimming with a Dolphin

I strive to let Jesus lead each of my steps. And though I’d love to be at the ocean, or in the ocean swimming with dolphins every day, right now I just keep a picture of that in my head. I know if I stayed too close to the ocean, I’d spend all of my time with my scuba gear instead of illustrating, animating and writing poems for Bible stories for children. But to be the person I want to be, I need to be useful. So for now, I’ll keep the dolphins in my pictures.

But to my braddah in Hawaii—I will get out there before too long.

Dolphin Update

The illustration of the dolphin did not make the final cut for the BibleRhymes’ Galilee Storm book.

Click the link and you can view a book demo for the miracle of Jesus calming a storm.

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