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Is Your Faith Shaken?

If your faith is shaken, first of all, I’ll keep it simple for you. Don’t let that happen; that’s just silly.

Now I’ll share my deeper thoughts on why you should never let that happen…

If you believe in the struggle between good and evil then I’ll remind you of some important points. This struggle isn’t just a sometimes thing. If you’ve been riding on the crest of a wave for a while, you may forget about the struggle. But when the wave crashes, you can be shockingly reminded.

Evil can show its face in many forms, and it can be relentless. It will beat against people tirelessly, until sometimes the people crack under the pressure.

Plus evil is sneaky – it doesn’t always look like evil. But I’m a simple man (not a perfect one, a simple one); for me the world IS black and white. If something isn’t bringing you closer to the Lord, then it must be taking you away from Him. And for my simple mind, good takes you closer to the Lord, while evil takes you further from Him.

What would seem to be a top-priority for the evils in the world? To cripple someone’s faith…

The minute you lose faith, you stop working for the Lord. Even if you only lose a little faith, you won’t be affecting this world in the way you were designed to. The Lord wants every piece of us, 93% won’t even do.

EVERY single bit of your energy in this world should be used in a positive direction. 93% faith won’t allow for that. I’d like to calculate how many hours of video-game playing went on in the world last year for 18-35 year-olds (I’ll excuse the younger ages, assuming that kids can be kids). If even half of these hours of self-indulgent video gaming were spent volunteering in society, imagine what kind of positive changes could be felt.

And that last sentence had a key word: self-indulgent. Self-indulgence is evil.

Do we need to feed ourselves? Obviously, yes… Do we need to snack all day and get over-sized? Not if we want to perform at our bodies best capabilities. And it’s only when our bodies are performing at their best, when our spirits can perform their best. When we have our bodies and spirits both on top of their games, watch out, there’s no stopping us!

Can we enjoy video-games? If that’s your way to relax, then yes. But how long do you spend lounging and relaxing? About 1/3 of your life is spent sleeping, how much more lounging do you need to feel fulfilled?

To me, a person of faith marks his or her territory with signs of their usefulness to society. A person of faith won’t feel they’re performing their duties if they’re just sitting around being lazy. The Lord gave us skills and tools, it’s not wise to let them sit and collect dust.

And the skills and tools we’ve been given are not ours alone. Not only are they gifts given to us (not created with our own magnificence) but we are part of society. The tools we have are supposed to be shared with others, not kept to ourselves. With that being said, it’s selfish to be lazy. And being selfish is self-indulgent; and that’s evil.

Sitting on the couch too long may not look like evil, but like I said, evil is sneaky so pay attention to where it’s sneaking up on you. Instead of the couch, it may find you in the refrigerator, it may find you at the bar, it may find you when you haven’t eaten all day and an innocent person asks you a question…

Evil might just cloud your vision on a certain day so you can’t see any of the good left in the world. It might break your faith, or at least try. Don’t let it.

Evil can only fill your spirit and cloud your vision and break your faith if you refuse to acknowledge the Lord and ask Him to energize your soul. You can’t fight evil yourself. You’re a weakling; so am I. I’m one man without too many years of experience under my belt. How can I combat evils that have been developing their skills for ages? I can ask the Lord to have my back. You can ask Him too, and He’ll be right there with you.

I could go on and on with examples of evils slipping into lives under false pretenses, and I would love to, being that this blog was written for a friend. Alas, I have a book coming out in a day and weeks’ worth of promoting to do before then!

But when I see someone willing to give their most precious thing (time) to try and benefit someone else, it inspires me and builds my faith. That’s why I tried to do that now for my friend. If this note has touched you in some way, I’ll ask you to go inspire somebody else. Give a little bit of your time; help to build someone’s faith.

We’ll all be better off for your efforts…

– ken mccardell

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