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I Want More!

Many people are afflicted with the I Want MORE syndrome. Fortunately, it’s a curable disease.

For some, this disease begins at childhood. They want more and more of whatever it is. Maybe it’s chocolate they are longing for, or maybe it’s toys. Parents, often unwittingly, try to satisfy these children’s cravings by giving them more, only to find out their efforts have been given but to no avail.

A child with the I Want MORE syndrome won’t be satisfied with a new toy they’ve been given. Their thirst for MORE won’t be quenched.

Some people are strapped with this disease through their childhood and youth, and then on into adulthood.

As this disease progresses it paints a sad picture. What kind of emptiness in the soul forces people to try and fill in the gap with material things?

Some people buy their fortieth luxury car, only to find out the forty-first car is really the one they were after. Some people need a forty-million dollar mansion, because a ten-million dollar home just wouldn’t do. But after they’re done signing the paperwork on the forty-million dollar home, they might just realize their children have grown up without parents who pay attention. The parent’s attention and love got replaced by a checkbook and nanny, and it may very well be the I Want MORE syndrome got passed on to the next generation.

This is not to say that all people who have worked hard and built a fortune have this disease. There are people, like Warren Buffet, who have amassed billions of dollars over the course of their careers, yet still hold dear the simple things in life. A man like that who has made billions, lives in the town he grew up in, and pledged 99% of his fortune to charity, shows where his heart is.

Warren might make more and more money while he’s still alive, but all he’ll do with it is give more away. Giving is what makes Warren happy; that’s what makes him feel fulfilled.

And giving is what can fill the emptiness in a soul that causes the I Want MORE syndrome. Putting the focus on the needs and desires of others, rather than ourselves, will satisfy all of a person’s cravings. If you’re focused on what other people need, you can’t even think twice about what you may be missing. And you won’t be missing anything at all.

Now, for little children that want MORE, I can’t over-emphasize how smart kids are. They can grasp the concept of giving at a very early age. In order to grasp this concept though, they need parents who care, are willing to teach them, and who will spend plenty of time helping fill the child’s mind with healthy things.

But until they can grasp the concept of giving, I assure you, they can comprehend the word, “No.” And it would benefit them greatly to hear it.

In the words of the wise, “He that loves silver will not be satisfied with silver, nor will he that loves an abundance of things, be satisfied with having more.” – Ecclesiastes 5: 10

I’m not saying children, or grown-ups shouldn’t get anything they want; but everything is better in moderation.

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