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How Green Is Your Lawn? And Why Would I Ask?

People (all of us) really should contemplate more before we make decisions. Sometimes we need to think just a little bit more, and sometimes we should put everything on pause and reflect. A lot of our decisions come back to haunt us, in little and big ways.

I was having a conversation the other day. A group of us were debating what’s better – bottled water, distilled water, or filtered water. My friend was complaining about his well-water. He and his wife said their little boy got rashes from taking baths. They had their water tested and suffice it to say, it wasn’t clean.

Fortunately for them, he’s a plumber so they were able to put in a system with I believe 24 different filters. Now their son can take baths without getting rashes.

But what are some of the reasons our ground and tap waters are so polluted? What do we find in our water supplies and should we be surprised?

Name a chemical you wouldn’t want in your system and you can probably find it in your local water supply. Now I don’t want to go overboard and “cry wolf” so I’ll retract that last statement … a teenie bit. You can find everything from hormones to petroleum and radioactive substances in America’s water supplies.

There are bleaches and paints that get poured down drains, and pharmaceuticals that get flushed down toilets, and all the other cleaning products or things you can imagine that our cities are supposed to filter for us. I won’t even get into the sewage issues.

And how green is your lawn? What is another huge water pollutant? Fertilizer…

How many people want a nice looking yard, yet have to drink bottled water?

I just had to put my writing on hold for a minute to have a phone call. My friend wondered what I was doing and I told her about this blog. And we debated the origin of all these nice looking lawns in America.

My guess is some king or other such figure (in another country, a long time ago) wanted a groomed landscape so he sent some of his slaves or servants to work pulling weeds. Little by little with enough servants working (for wages if they were lucky) this king, or whoever, built himself a place (probably a castle) with landscaping that had people in awe.

After that I would guess all the people who could afford it put their servants to work to make their yards look nice. I would guess a nice yard was a sign of the upper class. A nice yard would show you could afford to put enough people to work to keep your place looking good.

But now we live in the microwave/fastfood society where everyone wants what they want and they want it now. Forget all the hardwork our forefathers went through to get what they got. We want what we want and forget the consequences.

So as soon as people got smart enough, and figured out what kind of chemicals to pour on grass to get rid of weeds, they started pouring. That made it so everyone could afford a nice looking lawn, not just the wealthy people. Now, for how many years has this chemical drenching of our ground (and leaching into the water supply) been going on?

How many bottles of water do we have to drink? How many tons of plastic must we throw into trash dumps? And how many different chemicals do we need to find in our water before we start thinking about what we’re doing to ourselves and the planet that we’ve been allowed to live on?

And what’s so bad about dandelions anyway? For me, I’d rather let a couple dandelions grow, and not have to worry about chemicals being in the blueberries and strawberries in my yard, than to fertilize my lawn and pollute my fruit. I can foresee some people taking that statement the wrong way. I better get a picture posted of my lawn so everyone can see that you can have a nice looking yard without all of the chemicals.

My friend I just spoke to warned me that I might be offending people with this note. She said there are a lot of people that use fertilizers. I agreed with her. I think the majority of people who read this and own homes probably use some type of chemical fertilizers. But just because we do something, or our parents did something, does that make it the right thing to do?

Do we always think things through?

What do you think? How green is your lawn?

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