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Hoorah! (for freedoms)

It’s that time again…

What I do for a living is only possible because of the freedoms that people are allowed in the U.S.

Not only do I have the Founding Fathers to thank for that but the men and women who stand up for my freedoms every day. Brave souls continuously offer to lay their lives down to protect the freedoms that I hold so dear.

To all of the men and women in the armed services; my prayers and thoughts are going out to you and yours.

And if you’re reading this please help send these folks all of the positive energy, guardian angels and prayers you can possibly muster. Remember, we only get to sleep peacefully at night because men and women sleep in tents on cots in the desert and on boats in the oceans keeping things peaceful here.

Also for all of the mothers staying at home alone watching over the children while your hubby is stationed somewhere abroad … you’re in my prayers too! And you have my thanks for being supportive wives that keep your husbands strong.

To all the soldiers … stay strong and stay brave. You have my deepest gratitude!

kenneth w.

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