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Wrestling – Mascot – Rochester Adams Highlander

Rochester Adams Highlander - Wrestling Mascot Project
Rochester Adams Highlander – Wrestling Mascot Project

Invitation: Wrestling

At the end of last week I was invited to be an assistant wrestling coach for one of my old high schools, Rochester Adams.

It was a completely unexpected invitation, but if I take it up, I think it could be an enjoyable opportunity to help me share what I know and keep myself in good shape.

Since it hasn’t even gotten to the summer training program, I’ve been working on some recruiting tools that may help the team.

One of my ideas was to create “mascots” to be used on t-shirts and other gift items. The team could sell those items to raise money for equipment or whatever can help them.

First Attempt

The picture above is my first Highlander mascot attempt. In this column (over the next day or two) I may place a link to the original Highlander mascot, my updated version of that, and then a wrestling version of that.

Then between all the pics, hopefully there will be something (at least the foundation) the team can use to earn some money, lift team/school spirit and cause a couple smiles.

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