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Happy Good Friday!

If you know why today’s a Good Friday, then bask in it and enjoy it. It’s not a historical day of something sad happening, it’s a day of fresh, new life. Quite well timed with the freshness of spring.

I’m personally refreshed and fully confident that “death” is simply a transition into the next world. I was told today that I’d never be able to see a lady again who means the world to me (my Dad’s secretary). Only her family can see her now.

Well, that’s until I transition to the next world and catch up with her. And I think I’ll catch up with her sooner than that because I requested she be an angel on my shoulder keeping me in line. She agreed and I sure hope she keeps her word (though my sister told her if she wants to keep me in line she may need to get off her angel perch on my shoulder and stand behind me so she can give me a swift boot. 🙂

But even though I love her and she’s passing, it’s not only Good Friday but it’s a great one. It’s a day full of hope. A day for the faithful. And a day that I relish.

And to everyone who reads this, I hope today brings you the strength and confidence that it brings me. Life is good. Enjoy it!


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