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Happy Easter!

BibleRhymes' Easter Card: Happy Easter to You!
BibleRhymes’ Easter Card: Happy Easter to You!

I often like to show a couple drafts of pictures so people can see how the final version has taken shape.

Happy Easter from BibleRhymes!

Happy Easter!

This picture and poem was created for one reason. Jesus sometimes gets lost behind the Easter Bunny. I (BibleRhymes author/illustrator Ken McCardell) wanted to make sure He’s still in view.

While I was drawing the picture, I thought “Coco” could help. Coco is a character from other books I’m working on.

The “Coco” children stories won’t be religious books that cover Bible stories. They will be rated as suitable for all viewers/readers. They will also have everything from monkeys to dragons and saxophone playing, so be prepared for fun!

When the “Coco” website is published online, this post will be updated to point you in the right direction.

Another Easter Card

Easter Card: Jesus and a Bunny - BibleRhymes Holiday Card
Easter Card: Jesus and a Bunny

And Another Easter Card

Here’s a different Easter card that I illustrated. It’s a whole different look.

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