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Galilee Storm – Faith and Danger

The Galilee Storm is, in no simpler words, a great story!

It begins by reaffirming the Christian faith. Jesus, though never popular with all, was sought after, marveled at, respected and followed. And the faithful looked to Him as the Son of God.

People who wished to hear Jesus speak or hoped to be healed by Him flocked to Him as the paparazzi flock to A-list movies stars. Such a large crowd formed at the beach trying to get near to Jesus that He had to move to a boat anchored right off-shore.

Jesus spoke and taught and shared His love with the masses. After teaching that day He decided it was time to take a trip. So they picked up the anchor and headed out to sea.

We all take this journey and head out to sea, figuratively speaking. Some of us make the journey more fun and call it an adventure. Yet adventures have a hint of danger just as boat rides in the sea.

Jesus was sailing with His disciples that day. With the water gentle, the sailing smooth and quite a ways to go, Jesus cozied Himself for a nap and drifted to sleep.

It seems as people, we all allow Jesus to go to sleep sometimes. When Jesus laid down for His rest, for a few moments, He wasn’t standing in front of the disciples performing miracles and speaking as the Son of God only could. As soon as Jesus wasn’t right in their faces, they forgot everything they had seen.

As soon as Jesus wasn’t right in their faces they lost their faith. While He was sleeping a storm hit the sea. With wind and waves and apparently not enough life-jackets, the disciples became scared.

Sound familiar? I’m not asking if this Biblical story sounds familiar. I’m asking if you lose your faith when Jesus isn’t right in your face in some manner. My advice is to keep Him in your face so your faith won’t slip.

Well, the disciples’ faith did slip. They became scared when Jesus was just feet away from them. They let fear (a tool of evil) overcome them and somehow believed that Jesus would allow them to die during the sailing trip He invited them all on.

The disciples were so worried that they woke Jesus up from His nap. They wondered why He didn’t care.

Then Jesus brushed away the storm as a person brushes dirt of their shoulder. He wondered why they had no faith.

And the disciples wondered what kind of man has power over the wind and the sea. They were slow to learn. Jesus wasn’t a man, He was their Savior.

Jesus is our Savior too. But when you are on your adventure of life, don’t let Jesus take a nap. Keep Him in your face at all times so your faith will never slip. Keep Him in your face at all times so you will never have to worry about if you are going to be okay.

And with that, my thoughts of a good day are on the way to find you!

– ken mccardell

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