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Cover Illustration – BibleRhymes’ Galilee Storm

Today’s updates include the children’s Bible story book cover illustration below.

Calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee was a miracle of Jesus.

BibleRhymes' Galilee Storm - Children's Bible Story Book Cover Illustration

The picture still isn’t completely finished, but it is getting closer.

Update – BibleRhymes’ Galilee Storm

Our “Galilee Storm” ebook is now available for download.

And a “book demo” is available too!
For more “Galilee Storm” illustrations, visit the picture gallery for the Bible story.

Book Cover Inspiration

For updates to this picture, and the Bible verses that inspired it, click here.

There is plenty of information about the Sea of Galilee. It is interesting to note that its main source of water is the Jordan River. The Jordan River will be showing up in upcoming BibleRhymes stories.

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