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Free Gifts for Kids!

I don’t know what life is like in your neighborhood. But I know in Michigan lots of people and businesses have been tightening up their budgets and only spending money on the more necessary things. Even schools are feeling a pinch.

And while schools are feeling a pinch, there are programs already in place for communities to supply their schools with gifts, for free. To be honest though, many of these free gifts are being overlooked by a large portion of our population.

Communities can change this though. Freebies don’t have to be overlooked. Children and adults together can cooperate and form teams to educate neighbors and take advantage of the “free gifts” programs for schools.

Have you been overlooking the chance to help your local schools?

Do you eat cereal? Do you eat Campbell’s soup? Are you familiar with Box Tops for Education or Soup Labels for Kids? It’s quite possible you’ve eaten cereal with a Box Top for Education, but instead of using the Box Top for its intended purpose you may have thrown it in the garbage.

Even if you don’t have children that attend a school, schools still cost you money. Schools have needs and these needs are met through taxation. Communities can lower the needs of their schools by supplying the schools with educational tools and gifts. And this can be done with empty cereal boxes and soup labels.

Make collecting gifts fun for children, create competitions. If you’re involved in a school or a parent/teacher organization, take advantage of what businesses like Campbells are willing to do. Get children involved and start your neighborhood collections. This can let children start figuring out how to help themselves and it can help neighborhoods start feeling a common bond.

Knock on doors. Educate neighbors. Collect empty cereal boxes and soup labels. Then listen to the children’s stories about the new gifts their schools were able to earn.

And as someone who took part in this type of activity when I was a little boy, I’m here to tell you the schools can collect gifts that can give children years and years of good memories! (Which is why all of my box tops and soup labels go to the elementary school right up the street).

Just some food for thought…

kenneth w.

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