Three Wise Men

Three wise men in this illustration are riding camels, delivering gifts to a boy whose coming had been foretold. When the picture gets colored, will it include a star? What will the wise men look like?

Tradition vs. Scripture

Were there three wise men in the Christmas story? The Book of Matthew talks of wise men from the east that came and worshipped Jesus and gave him gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. It does not state that there were three of these wise men.

The Bible also doesn’t state whether the wise men rode camels, or sheep, or what their method of transportation may have been. (Post a comment with relevant information if you have any to share.)

With artistic license, the three “kings” tradition will continue.

Original Book

The picture is from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story hardcover children’s book that can be found in our store.
Three Kings on Camels - BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Children's Bible Book

Three of What?!

  • Floors of Noah’s ark (Genesis 6: 16)
  • Days until the promised land (Joshua 1: 11)
  • Days and nights until Jesus was risen (Matthew 12: 40)
  • Days and nights Jonah stayed in the belly of the whale (Jonah 1: 17)
  • Times Peter denied Jesus (John 13: 38)
  • Times Daniel prayed per day (Daniel 6: 10)

And the list goes on and on.

You are the Illustrator

Antonella Chirco illustrated the pictures for this Bible story. Now you or someone you know can print this picture and have fun being an artist too!

Antonella developed the original artwork for this story with an air-brush, and paint-brushes, with canvas as her medium.

Christmas Coloring Page

You are welcome to right-click and save this image from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story (First Edition) “coloring book” to use for free printing and coloring purposes. These coloring pictures are NOT to be used for anything else without written consent from BibleRhymes Publishing.