Gabriel the Angel

Gabriel the Angel

This picture shows Gabriel the angel looking heavenly. The image is from his visit to Mary at the time of the Bible verse of Luke 1: 26.

This is a coloring page for kids (or anyone).

Original Book

The picture is from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story hardcover children’s book that can be found in our store.
Gabriel the Angel Visits Mary - BibleRhymes' Christmas Story - Children's Bible Book

You are the Illustrator

Antonella Chirco illustrated the pictures for this Bible story. Now you or someone you know can print this picture and have fun being an artist too!

Antonella developed the original artwork for this story with an air-brush, and paint-brushes, with canvas as her medium.

Christmas Coloring Page

You are welcome to right-click and save this image from the BibleRhymes’ Christmas Story (First Edition) “coloring book” to use for free printing and coloring purposes. These coloring pictures are NOT to be used for anything else without written consent from BibleRhymes Publishing.

Gabriel the Angel: Bible Verses

Gabriel the angel visits Zacharias at the temple before he surprises Mary in the Christmas story. Zacharias was filled with fear at the sight of him. But Gabriel shared good news with Zacharias, explaining to him that he would be father of John the Baptist.

And the angel answering said unto him, “I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak to you, and to show you these glad tidings.” (Luke 1: 19)