Cover Picture

This is a coloring-page for kids. This picture is the cover illustration for the BibleRhymes’ Zacchaeus storybook. The picture shows Zacchaeus hanging from a sycamore tree.
Cover Picture: BibleRhymes' Zacchaeus - Bible Story Book Coloring Page

Don Cassity illustrated the pictures for this Bible story. Now you or someone you know can print this picture and have fun being an artist too!

There are two versions of the “Zacchaeus” ebook. Click the “Zacchaeus” link for the full-versions. Click this link for book demos.


All artists need to begin somewhere. I still remember finger-painting in preschool. I remember going to work on coloring-books with crayon after crayon as well. That’s why I wanted to offer our Zacchaeus book pictures for people to color.

“Give them something to color, and their creativity will flourish.” (Said me.)

If children color pages for Bible stories, it can help them learn, and really grab on to the lessons that the Bible can teach. So let the artwork begin!

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