Printable Coloring Pictures

Coloring pictures from more BibleRhymes stories are here. You can click the link to the coloring books or click the images below for our Zacchaeus and Christmas Story (First Edition).

The BibleRhymes’ Zacchaeus children’s book was illustrated by Don Cassity.

The Christmas Story (First Edition) was illustrated by Antonella Chirco.

Coloring Pictures: Free and Printable - BibleRhymes Bible Story Books
Zacchaeus: Book Cover
BibleRhymes' Christmas Coloring Book - First Edition Cover Picture
Christmas: Book Cover (First Edition)
Suggestion: before saving a picture, click on the picture to enlarge it.

Help Yourself!

You are welcome to right-click and save the images of this kids’ Bible book to use for free printing and coloring purposes.

These coloring pictures are not to be used for anything else without written consent from BibleRhymes Publishing.

Coloring Pictures

Coloring pictures aren’t only fun, and they’re not only for kids. There are benefits to coloring for adults. It can apparently reduce stress.

I know when I’m not rushed for some kind of self-imposed deadline, creating the art for the BibleRhymes stories (and other books that I’m working on) is as relaxing as can be. When I’m working on pictures I’m able to just focus, zone-out, and become immersed in my drawings.

Which, to be honest, is probably why I do most of my drawing at night. When people are sleeping the world gets silent, and my creativity gets unleashed.

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  1. I really like that you have coloring pages to go along with the books. I feel that it will help instill the stories more to memory if my son can associate the stories with the pictures!

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