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BibleRhymes’ Creation – Preschool Book Reading

While out at different schools I’ve had events where all of the grades would gather together in auditoriums to hear me read. These book readings would have kids from preschool through the 8th grade.

This video of me reading BibleRhymes’ Creation to a North Hills’ class was the first time I’ve read any books from the series to a group filled entirely with children this young. Now I don’t know age limitations for preschool. This class might be considered pre-preschool.

Preschool Girl Takes a Book!

I’m used to getting a lot of verbal feedback and a lot of questions from the kids after a BibleRhymes school event. This book reading was a change of pace. But I did get feedback. In particular I got feedback from a girl too young to speak. She claimed my book as her own, and gave it to her teacher for safe-keeping after I had finished up reading. Then she waddled back to me and ended the event with a giant hug. I believe that was her way of saying, “Job well done!” And I can’t hope for a much better response than that.

Fortunate Soul

I’m fortunate for the opportunities I’ve had with BibleRhymes. And I’m looking forward to seeing what happens with the series as time moves on!

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