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Coloring Books – Bible Stories – All Ages

Coloring books, who doesn’t love them?

I was in the cafe at my church recently (Eat Well Cafe). I had been hanging out with the women that run the show over there and getting their opinions on some of the artwork for upcoming BibleRhymes stories. That night I was working on pictures (for my poetry that has nothing to do with BibleRhymes). I sketched out a chef and my light-bulb turned on. I realized the cafe could use some coloring pages for kids that are eating.

As an aside, when I speak of upcoming stories, when David and Goliath is released, it will look quite a bit different than the pictures I’ve posted. There’s a new David, Goliath, King Saul, David’s brothers (pretty much everything in the book)… but I digress.

Coloring Page - Monkeys, dogs and birds. BibleRhymes' Creation.
Coloring Page – Monkeys, dogs and birds.

Coloring Books are Coming!

It’s been a couple weeks since I sketched that chef and now I have seven BibleRhymes stories turned into coloring pages—that’s over 135 illustrations. When I get all of the current pictures converted, there will be over 300 pages to color.

Coloring Page - Smiley Clouds. BibleRhymes' Creation - Children's book.
Coloring Page – Smiley Clouds.

Some of the drawings will be easier for younger children. Some will be much more detailed and challenging. From the reviews I’ve received, people of all ages will have fun with these pictures.

Today I’m working on putting all of these pages into ebook form (at people will be able to download pdfs to print). The current plan is to give the files for a couple of the coloring books away to any church or church school that asks.

I want people from all over to have fun with these pictures. And I’d love to see the pictures that people color linked to at BibleRhymes on Facebook. I even challenge parents and kids to each color a page then show their skills by posting a photo! Hashtag #BibleRhymes

Coloring Page - Poor Widow Tithing. BibleRhymes' Poor Widow Picture Book.
Coloring Page – Poor Widow Tithing.
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