What Blizzards Bring

What Blizzards Bring

Taylor looked outside
And all he saw was white.
A blizzard kept on pouring down
That started late last night.

His yard was out of sight.
He couldn’t see a thing!
He started jumping up and down
And then began to sing.

“Bring it, Mister Blizzard!
I’ll never get my fill!
My friends and I will grab our sleds
And then we’ll find a hill!”

Taylor was so thrilled.
He put his coat on fast.
He grabbed his gloves and earmuffs too;
His boots were put on last.

He passed right by his mom
He tried to get outside.
She pulled him back and hugged him tight;
His smile grew so wide.

Then, with pride, she watched her boy
As he ran off with his sled.
Out the door to the wintry white
And the fun that lied ahead.

Taylor sped across the street;
He ran, and fell down too.
The snow was deep, his boots got stuck,
The wind just blew and blew.

Then who’d he see walking up?
His buddy Mike was there…
He had his sled and thermos too;
With cocoa he would share.

Mike always came prepared
No matter what they did.
He acted like a full-grown man
And he was just a kid.

Right away these kids began
To laugh and joke and play.
While heading off to Speedy Hill
To race the day away.

They struggled on this chilly walk;
Each step they fought through snow.
But Speedy Hill was worth the work
Since all the children go!

And so, they kept on walking;
Using Eskimo-like skill.
It took about an hour, or more,
But they finally reached the hill.

The hill was filled with people;
Kids, with moms and dads.
Sledders flew like rocket ships
And some were wearing pads.

Some had helmets too.
Off jumps, they cruised the air!
Some, it seems, had flown too high;
They probably lost a dare.

There, among the sea of smiles,
Mike and Taylor stood.
They started climbing Speedy Hill.
The sledding looked so good!

Soon, they couldn’t hold it in –
Their laughter reached the clouds!
They finally reached snowy peak;
And ventured through the crowds.

Some kids were really rowdy.
Some parents talked on phones.
And one young boy had caught their eyes;
He sat there all alone.

But Taylor had been shown before,
(And Mike was shown this too)
That people sitting all alone
Are just as good as you!

So, the two walked over
And told the boy, “Hello.”
The boy looked up and smiled back –
Half-buried in the snow.

Mike said, “We’re going racing.”
Now, Taylor’s smile spread.
Mike asked the boy to come along;
The boy just shook his head.

He said, “My sled got stolen.
There’s no way I can race.”
Mike and Taylor saw this boy
With sadness on his face.

They said, “We can’t replace it,
But here’s what we can do…”
Taylor said, “We’ll share our sleds.”
And Mike agreed, “It’s true.”

“That way, you can ride with us!
We’ll all go have some fun”
And with those words on Speedy Hill,
New friendships had begun.

Ken McCardell © 2011

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