A Valentine’s Tale

The doorbell rang at quarter past
Her Valentine was there at last

He hadn’t passed this special chance
To let this woman feel romance

Her mind had danced the aft away
Her heart felt things words can’t portray

She dreamed her day would culminate
Her hand in his; the perfect date

She couldn’t wait to squeeze him tight
And show him off throughout the night

Excitement held her like a net
She prayed her date would not forget!

She let herself begin to doubt
And worried thoughts began to sprout

Then at about the perfect time
The doorbell rang its little chime

Sublime is how this woman felt
Her heart commenced to slowly melt

She’d been dealt the finest hand
One better than she’d ever planned

Standing right outside her door
Was just what she’d been praying for

Before a moment traveled by
Her door was opened on the fly

The greatest guy stood waiting there
The type of guy that’s truly rare

She stared at him, and he at her
His aura made her swoon and purr

The two of them were nothing but
The cutest pair; I’ll tell you what…

She shut her eyes to stop a tear
His smile spread from ear to ear

“Here you go.” He offered treats
A heart-shaped box of chocolate sweets

Not skipping beats he gave her more
Some flowers he had picked before…

“You’re cavalier, my little ace.”
She said and turned with flawless grace.

She got a vase to hold the flowers
Then said, “We have just half an hour.

Our tables waiting; so’s the food.
Your belly soon will be subdued.”

The mood was pleasant, soft and sweet
He swept her up from off her feet

Though not discrete, he didn’t care
He held his prize up in the air

His feelings glared from every pore
Her love for him grew even more

That night all doors were opened wide
First the car door for the ride

To get inside the restaurant too
He swung it fast to let her through

The two, their evening, just a glance
At what’s been called, “true romance.”

Devoid a lance, he was her knight
And she, this princess, his delight

And right in front of everyone
When dinner finally was all done

He stunned her in a happy way
As violins began to play

This display was not alone
He took her hand inside his own

He hadn’t known what he would do
But gently whispered, “I love you.”

The two held eyes; there were no ploys
They both forgot the background noise

They kept their poise though both could shout
“This love is what it’s all about!!”

Then back outside to get the car
The sky flashed with a shooting star

And far from her to pass up luck
She let her wishes run amuck

She hoped one stuck or would come true
Then asked, “Did you wish something too?”

She knew that wishes weren’t his style
But saw his teeth highlight his smile

“I’ll never wish for anything.
I’ve got my queen and I’m the king!”

Winking, he helped with her door.
She knew he’d be her evermore.

And for the whole returning ride
They sat in silence side by side

With pride they meshed hands, knowing well
Their story would be good to tell

They fell to thoughts of their first date
And how it must have set the state

For soul-mates putting on a show
Since forty Valentine’s ago

Copyright© 2008, Ken McCardell

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