Thinking Deeply

When we are thinking deeply we do the world, and ourselves, a favor.

Continuous Improvement
Self-reflection, and the strength to ask for help, are keys to the continuous improvement of our beings.

A proud man flaunts diamonds. A wise man feeds souls.

Hypocrisy is no substitution for guidance. Words are kept alive through action.

A beast is a man who puts urges before honor. A man puts all others before himself.

In wisdom, lay grounded feet. Folly has freedom from restraint.

More Pride
A proud man will build a castle on a hill. A wise man will build a bridge to heaven.

A respectable man opens doors; a braggart opens his mouth.

Ears allow a person to learn. Lips reveal how little a person has learned yet.

Regrets are dinner for the blind. The faithful learn from the past and are ready for the future.

The strong protect the less capable; the weak take advantage of them.

The Root of Love
In wisdom, there is humility. In humility, there is thoughtfulness. In thoughtfulness, there is love.

In love, there is the Lord.

Questions are words of the wise.

Thinking Deeply

… is a trait of people that are thoughtful and considerate. Thinking deeply allows a person to view life from another’s perspective. Thinking deeply is a recipe for scraping knees less often.