The Sweet Things In Life

My brain may be feeble I can’t gain control,
I’m trying to work … but picture a bowl.

This bowl is transparent and made out of glass.
It’s six inches wide and holds quite a mass.

These thoughts won’t pass; I’m stuck in a dream.
The bowl’s half way full of vanilla ice cream.

To most it might seem too much to eat.
To me it’s the start of a wonderful treat.

The ice cream is sweet and a pleasure to taste.
I’ll lick the bowl clean because I don’t waste.

But not too much haste, I’d settle for more.
Now I envision the open fridge door.

It’s waiting for me. It loves me tonight.
My stomach is eager and sensing delight.

Right when I walk up, what do I see?
Some strawberries sitting and staring at me…

How could this be? I must have been good!
I’ll eat every one; I know that I could.

Maybe I shouldn’t like sweets this way
They run through my mind for most of the day.

Okay that’s enough; I’m getting off track.
I pull out the strawberries, open the sack,

Pack them and cram them on top of my bowl.
Pull out a spoon and take a quick stroll.

I roll myself into my reclining chair,
Then fill up my mouth with hardly a care.

There, that’s it; my longings are rife.
I gladly enjoy the sweet things in life.


**Update – I’ve been getting buff for a long, long time. Talk of ice-cream is like a walk down memory lane.

What are the sweetest things in your life?

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