The Sun

The puzzle of life has pieces galore
An infinite number and probably more

But now for a moment, think of just one
That big, fiery blanket the glorious sun

The fun people have basking in rays
Tanning their hides and lounging away

All day at the beach and everyone’s brown
The sun stays so busy before it goes down

Towns get their light; so do the trees
Everything’s baking unless there’s a breeze

Seizing some sunbeams, plants try to grow
Up, up and away they put on a show

The sun won’t slow down with so much to do
Crops need their dose the oceans do too

Kind of like glue, water grabs heat
Then travels the ocean like cars on a street

And just for a treat it warms up the air
It had too much sun and wanted to share

Bringing fair weather that’s straight from the sun
Complex as it seems to get it all done

The world gets spun, or it keeps spinning
The sunshine keeps coming like God keeps on grinning

And one day’s beginning; another one ends
It’s morning for some and night for their friends

Depending on where in the world you are
The sun might seem close, or maybe quite far

Are clouds in the sky blocking your sight?
Is the moon all you see reflecting sunlight?

Whether it’s bright or nearing sunset
People love sunshine, all they can get

I’ll bet it’s because the sun up above
Is a perfect example of God sharing love

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