The Reasons I Smile

Today is a day; the kind that I like
The kind to be fishing or riding a bike

Or go on a hike or dive in a pool
With weather so sticky I need to keep cool

I play like a fool … or maybe a youth.
I won’t ever change to tell you the truth

And if you’re a sleuth, before a long while
You’ll figure my tricks; the reasons I smile

With piles of reasons, where should I start?
This one is for God who’s filling my heart

Again my lips part like curtains spread wide
When God pays a visit my teeth never hide

Right through my insides he makes me feel great
Really it’s better than I can relate

Imagine this state … then please join me there
A place with no worries, no worldly cares

Just sharing and helping and friends all around
With riverside music supplying the sound

My heaven’s been found; my skills have been too
Some trait that I love will start shining through

I’ll serve it to you and I’ll never spill
That’s how I will live without paying bills

We all will be useful in some kind of way
With smiles from neighbors much better than pay

The day-to-day struggles like: “Where are my keys?”
“Did I lock the door?” Forget about these…

No hefty late fees and no angry drunks
There’s food on each plate and nice smelling skunks

And courts I can dunk on … I hope that they’re there
With me and a ball just flying through air

I dare to imagine my future ahead
That’s why a smile is glued to my head

I’m ready and willing to trade it all in
For life at His side and shelter from sin

In that I feel peace, which fills me each day
And so I keep grinning and laughing away

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