The Mourner

People pass but sure don’t leave
They’re sitting pretty as we grieve

I believe God calls them in
And death’s a place where life begins

It’s hard to grin when people die
The souls in heaven hear us cry

With sobbing eyes and blowing nose
The mourner wears her blackened clothes

She goes to say her last goodbyes
Then questions God and asks Him, “Why?”

His reply is soft but clear
“Just try to understand my dear.”

“I need them here, they have a job.
I know you feel like you’ve been robbed.”

“You’re throbbing heart will be okay.
And you can see them every day.”

“What’d You say? How can it be?”
Perplexed the mourner doesn’t see

She hurts inside; she lost her dad
The pain is so much more than sad

If that’s not bad enough, what’s worse?
Her mom’s gone too; it’s like a curse

There’s no rehearsing for that plight
She thinks about them day and night

They’re out of sight but not for long
Her faith is growing, getting strong

She was wrong, they didn’t leave
They’ve been waiting at her sleeve

Now her bereavement disappears
And right away the mourner hears

“Honey dear, we’ve missed you so!”
She turns around and sees the glow

She knows the voice and smiles fast
Her mom and dad are there at last!

What a blast of pure relief…
The mourner, no more feeling grief

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