The Mother and Wife

The nurturing partner, the bringer of life
The reason men smile; the mother and wife.

She makes a house, “home.” Her love’s in the air.
Her essence is sprinkled on everything there.

Her caring heart’s open like it was a gate.
Children and fathers all think that she’s great.

And wait for the grand-kids since they’ll love her too.
But where are moms’ prizes for all that they do?

Some are up early with breakfast on plates.
Some remind husbands of important dates.

Moms often do laundry and even make beds.
They also kiss boo-boos when elbows turn red.

Mom cooks and she feeds in her motherly style.
Her dinners, so tasty, are served with a smile.

And mom always prays with her children at night,
Reads them a story and turns out the light.

And that’s while they’re young. Watch as they grow:
Mom’s always helping, her efforts don’t slow.

She’ll drive them to movies and practices too
Then pick them up when the practice is through.

And if hubby has needs of any old sort
The mother turns wife and offers support.

If life were a sport, mothers would win.
They’ve earned so much thanks but where to begin?

Thanks for the shoulder to shelter a cry.
Thanks for the lessons and answers to “Why?”

Thanks for the kindness and patience it takes
To rear up a child who’s making mistakes.

Thanks for the tender and gentlest touch.
Thanks for supporting your husband so much.

Nothing expresses how precious moms are.
And wives deserve platforms up in the stars.

The Mother and Wife, if that describes you
You’re loved and respected and nothing’s more true!

Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it; (Ephesians 5: 25)

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