That Worker, Your Friend

Jobs are called work, which doesn’t sound fun.
Who wants to wake up without any sun?

Run to the shower to get a quick scrub
Still half asleep, you slip in the tub.

Now for some grub, a hurried up treat,
Scrounging the kitchen for something to eat.

Pull up a seat … your belt buckle loose
Guzzle a drink: some coffee or juice.

Excuses don’t work. You cannot be late.
You work with your boss, you can’t make her wait.

She gets irate ten times a day.
Nobody listens, that’s just her way.

What can you say? You still must be there
Perfume too strong or gel in your hair.

Wearing whatever … depends what it’s for.
You might be a busboy or help feed the poor.

You’re maybe a store clerk or maybe a priest
Your clothes might be baggy or maybe they’re creased.

Not least of your worries is how you will dress
You may have restrictions and can’t look a mess.

Lessons are taught; maybe they’re learned.
You might get a write up or maybe get burned.

Earned or not, things can just be.
At least you have work; life isn’t free.

We all have our jobs, whatever they are,
Maybe near home or maybe too far.

You hop in the car and head on your way
Thinking about the rest of your day.

Then they appear right in your mind –
A friend from work who’s one of a kind.

They sit right behind you or maybe nearby.
They like to trade jokes and always say hi.

They don’t even try, but get you to smile
Just from a wink when they pass in the aisle

Maybe you’re filing and had a bad day
They’ll be the one, who comes by to say,

“Hey, how you doing?” Or, “Let’s get a drink.”
“We’ll go get a soda.” And quick as a blink…

All you are thinking is: “What should I buy?”
“I saw a new flavor of juice I could try.”

That’s why you love them: that worker, your friend.
If your day is torn they know what to mend.

They’ll bend their own back until it could break.
And help with no question to fix a mistake.

Whatever it takes, they’d do it twice,
As long as it helped to make your day nice.

No price could be placed a person like that.
To all of them out there I’m tipping my hat.

Wherever you’re at … out of my view
I hope that you know I’m talking to you.

To those who make work seem like a gift
I thank God you’re there providing that lift.

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